Mission Statement:
The Water-Walking Foundation is a private, non-profit foundation that provides spiritual and financial support to individuals and organizations who, in partnership with our Lord, seek to achieve great impact and bring glory to His name. Since we are a “non-operating foundation,” Water-Walking provides its support to existing programs, individuals, or organizations, rather than to promote its own programs. We are a “seed fund” of sorts, but for non-profit endeavors, rather than for businesses.

Focus Areas:
The Water-Walking Foundation focuses on issues relating to children, education, poverty, family, Faith, entrepreneurship and the support and protection of traditional American values.

Who is a “Water-Walker”?
A “Water-Walker” may be an individual, a group, or an organization that seeks to provide society-enriching programs or services at a level that could not possibly be achieved without the love, inspiration, blessings and support from our Father, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit working through the “Water Walker.”

What is a “Water-Walk”?
A “Water-Walk” occurs when one has essentially stretched oneself to what appears to be the maximum extent possible, and then attempts, with God’s help and support, to reach even further, actually attaining those lofty goals which glorify His name! The Water-Walking Foundation was specifically designed to support and promote this type of effort and the effects living one’s life in service can produce.