Surrender…and witness His power in your life!

“For no word from God will ever fail.” Luke 1:37


Mission Statement:

The Water-Walking Foundation promotes philanthropic individuals who seek to permanently and positively affect our world. Our foundation sponsors “Water-Walkers” who, in following their call, willingly confront logistical challenges that could not be overcome without God’s support.

As a private, non-profit and “non-operating foundation,” The Water-Walking Foundation promotes existing or start-up programs, rather than promoting its own programs. Although we support non-profit endeavors, rather than commercial activities, organizations may rely upon our foundation as a type of “seed fund” for risk-taking, altruistic entrepreneurs.

Focus Areas:

On a non-exclusive basis, The Water-Walking Foundation focuses on issues relating to children, family, poverty, education, philanthropic entrepreneurship, biblical truths and Christian values.

Are You a “Water-Walker”?

A “Water-Walker” may be an individual, a group, or an organization that seeks to provide society-enriching programs or services at a level that could not possibly be achieved without the love, inspiration, blessings and support from the Holy Spirit as our God works through the “Water Walker.” If you are a “Water-Walker” you may have been “called” to a purpose greater than yourself, at a level that might initially seem overwhelming and unrealistic to achieve on your own.

Ready to Take a “Water-Walk”?

When you have stretched yourself to what you feel is the outer limits of your personal capabilities, but feel compelled to push even further in reliance on God’s support to attain that lofty goal, you may just be ready to take a “Water-Walk.” The Water-Walking Foundation was specifically designed to support and promote this type of effort and support and bless you in pursuit of your calling as you bring glory to His name!

Water-Walking Grant Application

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If you would like to propose a particular project for support by the Water-Walking Foundation, please click here to send an email with full details.